Friday, November 11, 2011

Hand Print Turkeys

These were fun to make!! We started with a plain paper plate. I had them on the table (along with a brown crayon) when the children came into class in them morning. Most chose to color it a little, and I wrote their name on the backside. (If you have older children, this is a great time to work with them on writing their own name.)

I also made a point to trace each child's hand when they walked in the door. Then, during snack I cut several hands out for each personal turkey. (This step might be easier to do the day before, so you won't feel rushed).

Finally, at crafting time, we glued the hands onto the back of the plate.

Because my children are only two and early three's, I glued the turkey body, eyes, and legs on. If you have older children, this would be a fun two step project.

The back:

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