Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be Prepared.

I have emergency kits on hand for each of the children in my care. While the state encourages us to have fire and earthquake drills (I live in California), they do not tell us to have supplies on hand for such an emergency. We are required to have an evacuation plan on file that tells where will will go and how we will get there. I have taken things a step farther with what I will take with us in the case of such an emergency.

Each child's kit contains a change of clothes, a couple of snacks, and two bottles of water. There is also a family picture and letter from Mom and Dad for each child. These are kept in a laundry basket along with a first aid kit, a pack of diapers and wipes, a couple of blankets, and a flashlight. I also have a file folder with all of the emergency forms and phone numbers for each child. In an evacuation situation, I could simply grab the basket and go. All of the children in my care would have food for a few hours, a fresh set of clothing, a comfort letter, and I would have the phone numbers and information I need to get them back to their families.

I highly recommend that all daycare providers and preschool teachers make sure they have similar supplies on hand. Keeping the children warm, clean, and fed while trying to figure out an emergency situation can make things less chaotic and more safe.

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