Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy things kids say!!

I have decided to make this a weekly feature on my blog. All week I will write down the funny and creative things that my students say. Then, on Friday, I will post them here.

For today, I only have a couple of fun things.

First: Avery. Avery is always having a great time. When Ms. Connie ( my assistant) promised a jelly bean to anyone willing to try going on the potty, Avery was all for it! When it was time for her jelly bean, she carefully placed it in her mouth. Then she began runny around yelling and crying. I finally slowed her down enough to talk to her. Here is what happened:

Ms. Leila: Avery what is wrong? Are you hurt? (I thought she might have twisted her ankle or bit down on her tongue).

Avery: Yes! Ouch! OUCH!

Ms. Leila : Where does it hurt?

Avery: My mouth! My mouth!

Ms. Leila: Did you bite your tongue?

Avery: No! Ouch! Ouch!

Ms. Leila: Well, what is hurting you?

Avery: The jelly bean, the jelly bean! It hurts, it hurts!

Ms. Leila: Is it spicy?

Avery: Yes! Ouch! Ouch!

Ms. Leila: Well, Avery, slow down and spit it out into my hand.

Avery spits it out and immediately says: Oh, that feels better. Thanks!

One final little comment comes from Ms. Connie. As I am out of the room washing out some paint brushes I hear:

"Jarvis, please don't lick Beckett. He doesn't like it." ..... "Jarvis, please don't lick Sam's leg. She doesn't like it." .... "Ok. Jarvis. I am not wearing a happy face right now. I need you to stop licking the rug. NO LICKING."

For those of us that work with toddlers everyday, this is common language. But hearing it out of context, is just so funny to me. And, always makes me smile.

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