Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I like to have pajama day on Valentine's Day. It makes the day special without having to have a lot of candy and sugar. The children all wear their pj's and bring flash lights and stuffed animals. They also bring their favorite bedtime story. We spend the day building a HUGE fort. Once its built, we take our flash lights in and read the stories.

I also make time for the children to share Valentine's. We decorate brown bags with some fun stickers, and then pass out the fun notes and candy they brought from home. I find keeping things simple works best.

Balloons are the best. I buy one of these beauties for each child each year. They are only .99 each and the smiles last all day....

Our "fort" is made of all my dining room chairs (in a circle) with my parachute placed over the top. Then, we throw in a lot of pillows and stuffed animals. So cozy!!

To end the day, each child takes a turn sitting in our "sharing chair" to tell about his/her stuffed pet they brought from home.

Pajama day is a GREAT day.

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